Monday, December 30, 2013

Episode 123: Catching Thieves Just Like Flies!

A heist is going down, by a professional criminal known as the Black Arachnid... the sequel.  Yup, it's Team Rocket, but they actually were competent thieves for the first part of this episode, and they didn't scrimp on the style.  But it's a web swinging Superhero that's going to save the day!  (No, not that one...) Tune in to find out who!
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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Episode 122: Dance Off!

Not everybody is dancing, but there is a fair amount of it in this episode, so you can bet Team Rocket is going to try and steal the show.  But Ash is surprisingly on top of Team Rocket sightings, two episodes in a row... Are JJ and Meowth losing their touch?  Tune in to listen!
How I love these two...

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Episode 121: If You Stop Thinking About It, It'll Go Away...

Hoothoot sees what you're doing there...

Our rival makes an appearance, but what happened to that nice, polite Gary we saw in Pallet Town?  Something happened to him, he seems off his game a little today... Anyway, the team has to make it through a forest full of ghosts with a Hoothoot that lacks motivation.  Cue Ash being a surrogate trainer...  Listen Here!

Also, Cartoon Network will be airing a digitally restored version of Pokemon: The First Movie!  Pokepress has an announcement about it here!
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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Episode 120: Silent Night, Amberite...

The pokemon got together for some caroling at the beginning of this episode... hope your ears didn't bleed.  Today Ash is going to catch Donphan!  ...oh, is that not today?  Oh, well, at least we'll meet a pretty cool one.  Also, a long, long discussion on Ash and Pikachu's friendship despite some near death experiences and whether we could reverse some of that.. Click the title to listen!

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Episode 119: The Great Bug War of '99...

Nature is out of balance... again.  This particular occasion doesn't require the heroic services of our Chosen One but that doesn't mean a little help isn't welcome.  Also, Bulbasaur meets a new friend... if you want to call it that...
Why merely hug a tree when you can over-achieve?
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Some days I wonder if he regrets ever leaving the Hidden Village...

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Episode 118: Batter Up!

It's December, so yes, it means the return of music from the Pokemon Christmas Bash.  Never forget the existence of this CD! XD
In actual episode news, this one contains a whole lot of meta rants... more than usual.  Please feel free to share your own opinions about Japanese/English children's television, Misty and Takeshi Shudo's novelizations and the development of Ash as a slightly more mature (but still largely incompetent (but we love you anyway)) character.
Click here to listen!
And censorship, the topic that never goes away...

Also, information about Pokemon manga getting released digitally. PLEASE continue to give information on that to me, as I feel this is extremely important and not enough buzz has gotten out.

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Baseball is serious business

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Episode 117: It's A Whole New World!

A new region, new adventures, new opening theme for the podcast... new everything!  Welcome to Jhoto, ladies and gentlemen!  What sort of trouble with Ash and friends get up to in this region, what about the regional professor, does Team Rocket have a scheme going on?  (Yes, they always do...)  Tune in to find out!

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Very Best Like No One Was: Orange Islands Edition!

It's that time once again!  Yes, we have exited a region and are now looking back with fond memories... and not-so-fond memories... and a few questions, too, there are always questions.  Tune in to hear my final thoughts on the Orange Islands, some rants and theories, background info and, most importnatly, the results of the Very Best Like No One Ever Was Awards!  Just who and what were the very best?
Tune in to listen!
We met this person...
and that person...
we built some sleds...
saved the world...
...and there was some of that too...

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Episode 116: Coming To You Live: L-IVY-E!

What day is it?  It is time to finally have a throwdown between Ash and Gary?  Yes, yes it is...
Admittedly, it won't quite be the clash of titans we might have hoped for, but after stringing us along for 115 episodes, it's good to get something.  Also, there's a few other cool things going down in this episode, so tune in and let's end Orange Islands with a bang!
You can click here to listen!

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Episode 114: Electrifying Westerns!

It's a show about balls... Voltorb and Electrode, and many of them.  Also, a character who may have stepped right out of Yugioh's Doma Arc, a ferry to Pallet Town, and Ash being a little bit cranky and OOC.  Togepi meets a new best friend, the mayor hires the yakuza to fix town problems... just another day...

Click here to listen!

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And, thanks to Pokepress, we have another interview link!  Jess Domain, singer of the 16th movie ending theme!  Check it out!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Episode 113: Family Reunion!

Parting is such sweet sorrow...  Juliet, you over dramatic kid, but I guess she got it right.  This episode is a goodbye, it is sorrow, and it's also pretty sweet.  Lapras reunites with it's friends and family, except, well, they don't want him...  What?  Turns out there's a little more to this story, so tune in to find out how it resolves.  Also, we have pirates!  ARRRRRG!  Click here to listen!
Free Willy!

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Switching things up...

So, I'm sorry everyone, but this was a long week and I couldn't get the episode out anywhere close to the usual time.  While you're waiting for me to get my act together, though, I do have something you can listen to...
I was a guest on Pokemon Battle Evolution/Bouncing Wailord, and we talked about Genesect and the Legend Awakened!  A LOT!  You should listen, because not only is it awesome, but I'm also vain! ;)
Here you go!  
Again, I apologize to everyone, I'll be back in usual form in a couple of days, with all the Orange Islands Awesome you've come to expect.
Thanks, all!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Episode 112: Hail to the Team!

Yeah, yeah, late again and everyone's busy with XY, but hey, the conclusion to an epic match is here!  We can always save a little time for that, right? ;)  Anyway, yes, league conquest, I get super emotional about children's television and Pokefan's should band together to set the haters straight!

(And if the title still links you to the picture of dragonite, just click this link!   Tune in to listen!  !)

And, as always, Pikapi Podcast is brought to you by PIRN!  Need music to play XY by?  They'll hook you up!
Hang in there!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Episode 111: Championship Dreams!

Ash is facing off against the Head of the Orange Crew today, begining his first ever six-on-six battle.  And I have to say, this is one of the best battles in the Pokemon series, certainly of the Original series.  Obviously, we all know how it ends by now, but tune in to listen to the first half of this awesome battle, Ash's second League Challenge and his first time battling a league champion.

Go get your dreams, Satoshi!  Settle for nothing less than glory!

You tell 'em, Pikachu

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Episode 110: Florence Nightengale!

The boys have a rather indecent encounter that ends up with them paralyzed.  It's sad, Ash can barely move his limbs, his body won't respond at all, he can't talk properly... wait, am I sure I'm not just reading off my fanfic...?
But the situation is dire for Ash and Tracey, which means, Misty's gonna have an episode!  Character building, Pokemon catching, action taking!  All this and more, also, crossdressing.  Click here to listen!

Vileplume should report you two to Officer Jenny... kid's show, yeah right...

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And finally, don't forget to make suggestions for the Very Best Like No One Ever Was Awards, Orange Islands Edition!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Episode 109: My Favorite Pokemon!

It's my favorite pokemon!  Well, in that case, I guess I'm down with a small detour on our way to the Orange League Champion...  Also, more wacky scientists, or in this case, a wacky Pokemon Watcher. (But really, it's the same thing, right?)  You can click here to listen!

Some fun videos were shared,
from Brian:

And then from pokepress:  Blogger is bieng stupid... sigh... follow the link 

Don't forget to check out PIRN amonst all this other cool stuff!  Streaming Pokemon Music 24/7, at

And finally... in the episode I mention something about Serena knowing Satoshi?  Well... this is the most recent best wishes episode.  Fast forward to the end for the newest preview for Kalos... IT HAS TO DO WITH ASH's CHILDHOOD!!!  WE ARE SEEING HIS CHILDHOOD, and then other epic stuff, WOW~!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Episode 108: So Happy Together!

No running by the pool, Togepi!
Other than the side plot of a mother who misses her son (who may have grown up with a slight Eodipus complex...) this episode is all about the battle, baby!  Gym Battle Number 4!  We are reaching the end of our Orange Islands conquest, and going out with a bang.  Today's match is going to be a double battle, but don't worry, the Islands still keep their unique flavor!  You can click here to listen!

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...also, I can't wait to see Ash and his pokemon having the Magical Girl Transformations with the megaform bracelet.  This anime just got Shojo-fied...

Henshin~ ON!

And then...

This part of the scene was cut. didn't help much...

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Episode 107: Food Fights!

What do you do when you absolutely have to have your garden with you at all times?  Grow flowers out of your head!  And does this odd encounter actually have anything to do with the plot?  ... Actually... no, there is no reason given for why this Character of the Day grows flowers in his head, nor does it turn out to in any way impact the main conflict.  Gotta love that Gen 1 filler, wow...  But among things that are actually relevant, this will be the first episode discussing broken pokeballs.  Ash will dress up as fruit... Also, Snorlax is awesome.  Very awesome.
This moment alone made the whole episode worth it

You can click here, or on the episode title to listen?
Also, we have a sponser!
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Episode 106: Just Who Do You Think I Am?

There are turtles, and there are triangle shades.  Do I really need to say more?

Yes, there will be a lot of Kamina jokes.

A LOT of Kamina jokes... image source

Click here or the title to listen!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Movie Episode 2: Carry On, My Wayward Pun!

Highlights:  The Chosen One is not who you think it is.  Pikachu finally mans up and takes charge (but it doesn't make a lick of sense...)  Today's villian has been officially renamed to something the podcast host finds amusing. Satoshi is a main character in his own show (and the only one with logical reactions to anything.)  Takeshi Shuudo wrote enough plot holes to mire a herd of Snorlax.  Continuity can sometimes be a pain.  The dub wins points for asking Japan before making changes, but loses most of them when they make a pun out of Ash's name... (and yet, still makes us weep like the children we all are at heart...)
Also, French sounds cool, even when you've forgotton how to speak it, soundtrack discussions, Misty needs to stop letting Togepi roam free, and we actually manage to tie in both religion and the 2011 tsunami (yep, we're going there...)
And, finally, This Movie Is GORGEOUS!  In so many ways...

It's a ridiculous amount of time spent discussing a children's movie, but here's hoping it was worth the wait!  You can CLICK HERE to listen!

Also, this movie's gonna be epic!

Did I mention it was going to be epic?

Because this is what epic looks like.
Does anyone feel the deja vu?  Because I do.

And... to illustrate the map/Charizard/continuity debate...

This is Fairchild Island, where Pikachu and Meowth were BEFORE "Charizard Chills.

This is Cleopatra Island, where Chaizard was chilling...

This is Ascorbia Island, where they will head AFTER "Charizard Chills"

And this is Shamuti and it's three shrines.  Where do you think it belongs?

Monday, July 29, 2013

Episode 105: A Long-Awaited Reconciliation!

I know, I know, there's supposed to be some rather unique weather disturbances today... but all of that will be put on hold, because Ash and Charizard are finally going to address the piles and piles of angst and rage that have been building up between them!  I know, we've been waiting a long time, but here it is, in all of it's sappy glory!
Awww, this episode is giving me the feelings~!

Charizard, too, is filled with the feelings...

So, click here to listen!  You know you want to.  And next episode is... something about a Chosen One...?

Ah, memories...

Monday, July 22, 2013

Episode 104: Frenemies!

"Well, Ash Ketchum, you've just earned three badges in the Orange League: What are you going to do next?"
"I'm going to go to a secluded island and fall into a hole trap!"

I don't know why Pikachu's so into that X, and I guess the writers didn't, either...
...In Ash's defense, it was Misty's advice that got them all stuck. If Ash and Pikachu had their way, they'd all be enjoying delicious fruit while Team Rocket wept.  As it was, Pikachu and Meowth ended up tied together in what started as a good rocket plan, and ended in... well, you'll just have to listen for yourselves, won't you?

Fabulous Faces
Click here or the title to listen!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Episode 103: Ship It Like A Battlecruiser!

Whenever Ash and Misty have a Shippy episode, it seems that there's a lot of other side ships that get implied... sometimes I think the animators have a secret ship war going on... And then, there's me being silly and stupid, poking fun at PikaSato being a married couple...
Well, there will be jokes.  There will be a gym battle.  There will be talk of movies and why Pokemon needs to step it up because the world needs Ash Ketchum as a protagonist.  And oddly enough, not much talk of Team Rocket, they don't even get a scheme today.
Love is in the air...
Click here to listen! 

Episode 102: Swamp Thing!

It's the Creature From The Dark Sewer Tunnel!  Some scary monster is lurking in the sewers of a metropolitan city.  But, how did our heroes end up stuck in the sewers in the first place?  And what does municipal politics have to do with this?  And while I was off not having an internet connection, what new XY/Movie 16 news has dropped?  Also, Bulbasaur and abandoned pokemon, the recurring theme...

Awww, you know you wanna hear the story behind this cutie~!
Click here to listen!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fail, but for once, it's not mine!

INTERNET IS BACK! A whole week without it!- They found me twitching and delirious in a corner of my apartment, muttering about how I was missing the 16th movie drop...
Something like that...
Sorry for the delay, Pikapi Podcast will have an update in the next couple of days, and it will be a double feature so we don't fall behind!  Again, sorry for the delay, now that we have so many listeners and people are actually expecting things from this podcast now... >_<

Monday, July 1, 2013

Episode 101: Little House on the Orange Archipelego

Pikachu's stalker is back!  In this episode, we discuss the navigational issues unique to the Orange Islands, Ash actually being a main character and how the X and Y outfit design needs rollerblades.  Also, science gives up, magnemite are stalkers, southern accents are awesome and Happy Canada Day!  There was some other stuff, too... You should listen!  Come on, all the cool kids are doing it!  Just click HERE!

"Tracey, LARP-ing Orgeon Trail isn't as fun as you said it was gonna be..."
Also, Pikapi Podcast has joined United Nerd Networks!  YAY!  You should totally check the site out HERE!  You'll be glad you did, and it's only going to get better with your participation!

The new outfit for Kalos.  I am so ready to cosplay this!

Little help here, Ash?

Oddly enough, this is not a Pokeshipping scene...
 And finally, Mandarin Island South, in the greater picture of the Orange Islands... File:Mandarin Island South Map.pngMandarin Island South is the yellow one.  Trovita is the one that looks like it's about to be eaten by Mandarin Island.  (For fun, try and spot Shamuti!)