Episode Archive

All the past episodes in one convenient spot!  (Warning!  There may be radical differences in quality over the years...) I'll slowly start archiving our past episodes here, so if you want to catch up on the podcast, here's an easy way to do that!

Indigo League

Episode 1: Worst Start Ever!                                   
Episode 2: Team Rocket Revealed!                              
Episode 3: Welcome, Pidgeotto and Caterpie!              
Episode 4: Metapod vs. Metapod!                                
Episode 5: First Gym Battle!                                       
Episode 6:  Pokemon From Space!              
Episode 7: The Cascade Badge!                                 
Episode 8: Whipped Into Shape!                 
Episode 9: The School of Hard Knocks!                   
Episode 10: New Team Member!                               
Episode 11: Charmander's Fiery Debut!
Episode 12: The Cutest Firefighters Ever!
Episode 13: Lighthouse Mayhem!
Episode 14: Thunderation!    
Episode 15: Titanic Alert!
Episode 16: And The Fail Marches On!
Episode 17: Swiss Family Pokemon!
Episode 18: Swimsuits For Everybody!
Episode 19: ...And The Swimsuits Continue!
Episode 20: Summer's Not Over Yet!

Episode 21: I Wanna Be Your Butterfree!                    
Episode 22: Abra Kadabra!                                        
Episode 23:  Comedy Central                                     
Episode 24:  Sabrina, The Teenage Witch                    
Episode 25:  Quit Mankeying Around!                       
Episode 26:  Returning to the Path!           
Episode 27:  I Dream, Therefore, I Am!                    
Episode 28:  Beauty is Skin Deep!                              
Episode 29: Rolling With The Punches!                      
Episode 30:  Sludge Bombs and Flu Season!            
Episode 31: Digging Deeper and Deeper!
Episode 32: Way of The Ninja!
Episode 33: Flames of Fury!
Episode 34: Tarzan Has Arrived!
Episode 35: Gun Control!
Episode 36: Little Jimmy Rides Again!
Episode 37: Imitators and Posers!
Episode 38: Akihabara@Pokemon!

Special Episode: Yes, Virginia, There is a Jynx! (AKA, How Team Rocket Stole Christmas!)
Special Episode: Climb Every Mountain!

Episode 39: Admit It, You Cried.
Episode 40:Christmas Eve Eevee!

Episode 41: Sleeping in....zzzzz                                        
Episode 42: Ketchum and Ketchup!                       
Episode 43:  Life of the Party!                                  
Episode 44: And Thus It Begins...                             
Episode 45: I Wanna Be A Pop Star!                         
Episode 46:  Indiana Oak and the Temple of Doom!   
Episode 47:  The Love Doctor!                                 
Episode 48: Get Me To The Church On Time!           
Episode 49: The Disappearance of Hatsune Farfetch'd  
Episode 50: A Tournament For The Ages!                 
Episode 51: They Grow Up So Fast
Episode 52:  Princess for a Day!
Episode 53:  Purr-fection!
Episode 54:  Going to the Dogs!
Episode 55: I Wanna Be In Pictures!
Episode 56: Testing My Theory!
Episode 57: Pokemon Love Power!
Episode 58: Aim For The Horn!
Episode 59: Hear The Mighty Dragon Roar!
Episode 60: No Bleach Involved!

Episode 61: Part of Your World!
Episode 62: Independence Day!
Episode 63: A Two For One Deal!
Episode 64: Ash Ketchum's Flying Circus!
Episode 65: The Showdown Was A Lie
Episode 66: Yet Another Weirdo Scientist...
Episode 67: If Everybody Had An Ocean...

Movie Episode 1: MewTwo Beats Up Everybody

Episode 68: Just Say No...
Episode 69: To The Stars!
Episode 70: Ready for Our Close-Ups!
Episode 71: Yet Another Excuse Not To Train...
Episode 72: Doing Our Research!
Episode 73: Samurai Jack and DragonBall Z!
Episode 74: Through The Fire And The Flame!
Episode 75: Stop! Krabhammer Time!
Episode 76: Hey, What'd I Miss? ...Nothing?  Good.

Episode 77: An Unexpected Upset!
Episode 78: Send in the Clones!
Episode 79: The Clone Wars!
Episode 80: The End of an Era!
Episode 81: It's My Party (And I'll Fly If I Want To!)

The Very Best Like No One Ever Was Awards: Kanto Edition!

Orange Islands

Episode 82: Blimp my Ride!
Episode 83: Enter the MacGuffin
Episode 84: Fanartists, Eat Your Hearts Out!
Episode 85: A New Way To Battle!
Episode 86: Drive-by Shocking
Episode 87: Gilligan's Onix!
Episode 88: The Island of Pepto Bismal?
Episode 89: Scientific Discovery...Gone Awry...
Episode 90: Sing it Loud, Sing it Strong!
Episode 91: Misty Can Battle?!
Episode 92: King-Sized Magikarp!
Episode 93: Down With the Ship!
Episode 94: Heavy Hitters
Episode 95: Captain Fabu-locks and the Trophy of Destiny
Episode 96: Furry Friends!
Episode 97: Flying Blades and Birthday Wishes!
Episode 98: Far Off The Beaten Path...
Episode 99: Nope, No Innuendos Here...
Episode 100: The Not-So-100th Episode Anniversary!

Episode 101: Little House on the Orange Archipelego
Episode 102: Swamp Thing!
Episode 103: Ship It Like A Battlecruiser!
Episode 104: Frenemies!
Episode 105: A Long-Awaited Reconciliation!

Movie Episode 2: Carry On, My Wayward Pun!

Episode 106: Just Who Do You Think I Am?
Episode 107: Food Fights!
Episode 108: So Happy Together!
Episode 109: My Favorite Pokemon!
Episode 110: Florence Nightingale!
Episode 111: Championship Dreams!
Episode 112: Hail to the Team!
Episode 113: Family Reunion!
Episode 114: Electrifying Westerns!
Episode 115: Home Sweet Home!
Episode 116: Coming To You Live: L-IVY-E!

The Very Best Like No One Ever Was Awards: Orange Islands Edition!

Jhoto League

Episode 117: It's A Whole New World!

Episode 118: Batter Up!
Episode 119: The Great Bug War of '99...
Episode 120: Silent Night, Amberite...
Episode 121: If You Stop Thinking About It, It'll Go Away...
Episode 122: Dance Off!
Episode 123: Catching Thieves Just Like Flies!

Special Episode: Let's Do The Time Warp Again!

Episode 124: The Runaway Bride!
Episode 125: Deer Me!
Episode 126: Team Stubborn!

Special Episode: Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Episode 127: Blue Moon...
Episode 128: Subliminal Messaging!
Episode 129: Bedside Manners!
Episode 130: Things You Can't Learn In School...
Episode 131: Pass With Flying Colors!
Episode 132: Rant and Roar!
Episode 133: Call in the Troops!
Episode 134: The Charizard Episode That's Actually About Ash (But Gary Took Over)
Episode 135: You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile!
Episode 136: Meeting Our Therapist!
Episode 137: Born This Way!
Episode 138: GligarMan Begins!
Episode 139: Mary Had A Little Lamb!
Episode 140: Techno Battle!

Episode 141: Twerps Dig Giant Robots! (Nice)
Episode 142: Just Deserts!
Episode 143: Insert Your Own Joke About Balls...
Episode 144: On The Back Burner
Episode 145: Cut Them Down To Size!
Episode 146: A Face Only A Trainer Could Love
Episode 147: We Didn't Start The Fire! 
Episode 148: Can I Get A Woop Woop? 
Episode 149: An Unexpected Love Triangle? 
Episode 150: Delvil May Care!
Episode 151: Custody Battle! 
Episode 152: Nerves of Steel!
Episode 153: How To Train Your Totodile! 
Episode 154: Ooh, Shiny!
Episode 155: Poking The Bear 

Movie Episode 3: Crouching Entei, Hidden Charizard! 

Episode 156: Psychic Shenanigans!
Episode 157: Flaming Moltres! 
Episode 158: They See Me Rollin'... 
Episode 159: Holy Cow!  
Episode 160: The Thrilling Adventure Half-Hour! 
Episode 161: Bug-Off! 
Episode 162: It's a Rock! It's a Tree! It's... Sudowoodo! 
Episode 163: All Hail Lord Helix! 
Episode 164: A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Meowth Balloon... 
Episode 165: Puzzle Games and Medical Mayhem! 
Episode 166: Like A Record, Baby... 
Episode 167: Disturb Not The Harmony of Fire, Grass and Water... 
Episode 168: Give It A Whirl! 
Episode 169: Miss and Mister Un-Congeniality! 
Episode 170: The One With All The Inappropriate Tongue Action 
Episode 171: Water Under The Bridge 
Episode 172: Comin' Around The Mountain! 
Episode 173: Wibbily Wobbuly... 
Episode 174: Highest Form Of Flattery! 
Episode 175: Unexpected Payoff! 
Episode 176: Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go!  
Episode 177: How Much Is That Yanma In The Window? 
Episode 178: Pride Cometh Before A Fall... 

Special Episode: Super Pichu Bros! 
Special Episode: The Psychic Knight Returns! 

Episode 179: Apple Of My Eye! 
Episode 180: Doom and Gloom! 

Episode 181: Give Up The Ghost! 
Episode 182: The Halfway Point!
Episode 183: A Spot Of Tea!
Episode 184: Shine On You Crazy Fog Badge!
Episode 185: Go Towards The Light!
Episode 186: The Teddybear's Picnic!
Episode 187: Take A Picture, It'll Last Longer!
Episode 188: Three Little Piggies!
Episode 189: Captured On Film!
Episode 190: Fool Me Twice!
Episode 191: The Return of Flaming Moltres!
Episode 192: Follow That Wobbuffet!
Episode 193: Taking A Sick Day!
Episode 194: Pokemon Sumo!
Episode 195: Don't Speak! I know Just What You're Sayin'...
Episode 196: Queen For A Day!
Episode 197: Paint the Town!
Episode 198: A Match Made In Heaven!
Episode 199: We Missed You, Chikorita!
Episode 200: How To Lose A Bayleef In Ten Days

Episode 201: Fortune's Favor!
Episode 202: High Hopes!
Episode 203: Action Star!
Episode 204: Taking a Dip in the Pool!
Episode 205: Hiding In Plain Sight!
Movie Episode 4: Does Anyone Know What Time It Is?

Episode 206: For The Love Of Water Pokemon!
Episode 207: Milk Drink, Does A Body Good!
Episode 208: By The Sea!
Episode 209: Manly Tears!
Episode 210: Whirl Me Around!
Episode 211: Fly, Pidgey, Fly!
Episode 212: You Light Up My Life!
Episode 213: A Seaside Adventure!
Episode 214: Sunken Treasure!
Episode 215: The Tournament Begins!
Episode 216: Whirling Dervish!
Episode 217: Ash vs Misty!
Episode 218: The Truth Will Send You Blasting Off!
Episode 219: You Give My Heart Wings!

Episode 220: The Clone Saga, Part 2!
Episode 221: Baby Lugia In Peril!
Episode 222: Birds of Paradise!
Episode 223: Airplane!
Episode 224: Finally Fighting!
Episode 225: The Force Is With Us!
Episode 226: Every Little Eevee
Episode 227: Jingle Bells!
Episode 228: Gary Returns!
Episode 229: Whodunnit?
Episode 230: For Unto Us, A Phanphy Is Born!

Special Episode: Side Characters Unite!
Special Episode: Capes Make The Man!
Special Episode: Complete And Total Chaos!






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