Sunday, October 7, 2012

Episode 70: Ready For Our Close-Ups!

Oh, someone overworked her little self and got sick, boo hoo.  October may not be a great month for regular episodes, but since Ash doesn't sound like he's doing a whole lot of training right now, I guess that's okay.  In fact... was he even in this episode?  Tune in to learn how Meowth came to be so vocal!

Also, the stats for my magicarp team that proudly went up against Gen II's Elite Four and WON!  Yeah!
Haku: (Male) Level 66,  HP 147, ATK 74, DEF 120, SPECIAL ATK 66, SPEC DEF 72, SPD  145,  (Holding the Focus Band)
Magicarp: (Male) Level 65, HP 137, ATK 63, DEF109, SPEC ATK  62,  SPEC DEF  68, SPD 162, (Holding Brightpowder)
Kazuya: (Male) Level 66,  HP 147, ATK 66, DEF 117, SPEC ATK 60, SPEC DEF 67, SPD 148, (Holding Brightpoweder)
Yuya: Level 65, HP 145, ATK 69, DEF 126, SPEC ATK 62, SPEC DEF 68, SPED135, (Holding Brightpoweder)
Caoilinn: (Female) Level 70, HP 157, ATK 66, DEF 124, SPEC ATK 55, SPEC DEF 62, SPD 164, (Holding Leftovers)
Noir: (Female) Level 67, HP 148, ATK 59, DEF 130, SPEC ATK 74, SPEC DEF 81, SPD 155, (Holding Pink Bow)

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