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Pikapi Podcast isn't the only place I can be found on the internet!  I run several other podcasts, such as:
The Professional Dork Podcast.  A storytelling podcast, sometimes serious, sometimes really, really dorky. 
As The Multiverse Turns.  All about comic books and superheroes.  My cohost and I discuss various comic books and/or movies relating to our favorite characters.
ON-gaku, OFF-gaku.  A podcast about Japanese music!  My cohost and I sit down and watch the live music program "Music Station", discuss our favorite singles and albums, and once a year, flail about the Kouhaku Uta Gassen, the biggest, craziest night of entertainment you've ever seen!

I also have a Patreon page!  There, you can find the Pikapi Podcast bonus episodes, extra episodes of Professional Dork and also exclusive music content.  Pledging a dollar there is a great way to help out the podcast, so check out some of the rewards!

But in the real world, you'll sometimes find me playing harmonica on street corners around Salt Lake City.  If you catch me, say hi!

Some cool stuff that's come up through the podcast... 

PIRN, the Pokemon Internet Radio Network- Streams pokemon music 24/7 and also, supporter and sponsor of this podcast.  Check them out! 
Along with that, visit Poke-press for lots of great interviews with people who have worked on Pokemon.  (And other anime/video gamey things.)

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