Thursday, March 15, 2012

Episode 49: The Dissapearance of Hatsune Farfetch'd

Ash and his friends are hunting down a rare-ish pokemon, but maybe this farfetch'd isn't one they want to cross paths with.  It's trainer is a bit of a con man.  And what's this about Jessie having a lickitung?  Have we skipped an episode somewhere, or is porygon still giving our series a glitch?  Ah, never a dull moment, here on Pikapi Podcast!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Episode 48: Get Me To The Church On Time!

Marriage has come to town... but only if we can con James into it.  I dunno, the guy seems pretty adamant about not tying the knot.  And what's with all these people looking like other people in this show?  Like the Joys and Jennies, is there a family of Jessies running around?  Join in, for Pikapi Podcast, at