Sunday, May 25, 2014

Episode 146: A Face Only A Trainer Could Love

The kids go to a swap meet, but it's not secondhand junk they're trading for today, but Pokemon.  Could anyone possibly convince Ash to trade Pokemon after the Butterfree incident?  Well, let's find out...

Also, I'm doing some site maintenence this week, so be patient if things get a little rough.

There's some cool new articles I found in the Pokemon Interviews Tab, and Pokepress has an interview with Helen Mcarthy, author of the anime encyclopedia.  Check that out!

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Episode 145: Cut Them Down To Size!

Today's tale might seem a little farfetched... Okay, bad pun, I'll stop now.  But our kids meet a kid having trouble bonding with his pokemon, and that's exactly the sort of problem Ash loves to help with.  Tune in to meet Sylvester and Farfetch'd!

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Episode 144: On The Back Burner

Gym Day!  We go through Ash's lineup, get on Misty's case for getting on Ash's, and narrate a gym battle with a lot of twists.  We also flail a little over news of a Gen III remake, and then the breakout star of this episode was Shedinja!  Wanna find out how that works?  Well, just tune in...

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Episode 143: Insert Your Own Joke About Balls...

I refrained from any puns or jokes about balls and ten-year-olds touching them... I'm a good girl, really!  But that doesn't mean there wasn't a bunch of other stuff to laugh at this week, with the conclusion to the GS Ball arc and Kurt's artisan pokeball buisness.  Tune in to hear more about apricorns!  

Also, visit PIRN, the Pokemon Internet Radio Network, and vote for your favorite tracks!

Aaand... this way to the interview with Niel Jason!