Sunday, May 25, 2014

Episode 146: A Face Only A Trainer Could Love

The kids go to a swap meet, but it's not secondhand junk they're trading for today, but Pokemon.  Could anyone possibly convince Ash to trade Pokemon after the Butterfree incident?  Well, let's find out...

Also, I'm doing some site maintenence this week, so be patient if things get a little rough.

There's some cool new articles I found in the Pokemon Interviews Tab, and Pokepress has an interview with Helen Mcarthy, author of the anime encyclopedia.  Check that out!

And this way to PIRN Radio, for all your Poke-music needs!


  1. I never really liked Wobbuffet. Its limited battle capabilities just made it a really dull lackey character without any real purpose-perhaps they would have been better served by bringing on a recurring agent that would assist them periodically (kind of like Mondo in the Team Rocked audio CD). I was really disappointed when they brought it back for XY.

    1. Wobbuffet dull? Blasphemy! ;)
      ...hmm, I do like the idea of a recurring agent, though... That could open up a lot of new possibilities that weren't explored with Dr. Zegar...

  2. Have you guys seen the new XY Opening??? There's SO MUCH MEGA EVOLUTION!!! AH I'm excited! We also get a look at Ash with 4 specific Pokemon. They are Pikachu, Froakie, Fletchinder, and a Hawlucha. Considering the first three Pokemon I think it's safe to say Fletchling is going to evolve and Ash may catch a Hawlucha, which is honestly one of the last Pokemon I'd expect him to catch, but I think it's about time we got a fourth party member anyway. It also looks like Trever, Teirno, and Shauna will be making appearances. I'm guessing in a similar way to Bianca from BW. Again, excited!

    1. I can't wait to see Tierno in the anime! He was my favorite when playing the game!
      I'm also excited for megas and also AURA! This could make so much use of Ash's character...!
      (I hope Ash's Hawlucha has a hero complex and the two of them are constantly arguing over who risks their life to save people more...XD)