Sunday, June 1, 2014

Episode 147: We Didn't Start The Fire!

We're going to be seeing a lot of familiar faces today.  It's like the auditions for the Ninja Turtles or something... But a Water Pokemon tournament is being held, and a lot of old friends want to enter, so get ready for a trip down memory lane!  You can click here to listen!

And this way for Pokemon Music, courtesy of PIRN, the Pokemon Internet Radio Network!


  1. What's the music at the end of the podcast?

    1. This week it was "To Know The Unknown" by Innosense, the ending theme for the third Pokemon movie (English version). Sometimes I play other Pokemon songs, though.

  2. Anne, why do you think the writers decided to keep Bulbasaur in Ash's party, on all of the Johto series, considering the fact that, aside from Pikachu, Ash didn't get to keep any of his Kanto's Pokémon?