Thursday, November 29, 2012

Episode 73: Samurai Jack and Dragonball Z

It's like a cosplay convention in this episode!  Weird costumes, people who look like they belong in other animes... and, as always, some side story about a kid trying to become a pokemon master.  Tune in as Ash and Pikachu tackle Victory Road!

Aaaand, don't forget!  We're making preparations for a special episode to celebrate finally finishing Indigo League!  Send an email to with your answers to these questions.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Episode 72: Doing Our Research!

Shall we dance?

The first news is that we have a Facebook page!  YEAH!  And Twitter! (@PikapiPodcast) Double Yeah!  Sure, I'm kind of a noob, but this still promises fun.

But we also have an episode- strange hauntings at an archeological dig, Ash actually getting some training done, all good things.  For filler, this episode was a doozy. You can listen here!

And finally- preliminary voting begins for our first, regional "VERY BEST LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS" AWARDS!  I'm so excited!  Send an email to with your answers to these questions, and we'll be able to make up the ballots for final voting.

Finally, Best Wishes is awesome.  Truly, it is.

Preliminary Voting!

  1. Best Character of the Day. (A character that only appeared in one episode, for example, Miranda, AJ or Bill the Lighthouse Guy. Ritchie and Snap are not eligible, but I will let Duplica be eligible for this award, despite the fact that she returns in Jhoto.)
  2. Best Supporting Pokemon (Not of the Main Party. So, no psyduck or Geodude, but yes, Jigglypuff is fine.)
  3. Best Main Pokemon. (In the party of either Ash, Brock or Misty. Critera for “best” is whatever you want it to be: skill, comedy, personality...)
  4. Best Team Rocket Disguise (Most fabulous or most effective, whatever)
  5. Best Dressed. (Take into account all costumes worn by this character, and please remember that Team Rocket is getting their own category.)
  6. Cutest Couple (AKA: The Shipping Award)
  7. Best Joys and Jennies (Please list their city and/or the episode they appeared in.)
  8. Best Team Rocket Plot (Preferably “most effective” but “overall fabulousness” is good, too)
  9. Mr. and Ms. Kanto (Not a couple, this will be two individual awards. Please take into account looks, charisma, aptitude and general sex appeal, if applicable.)
  10. Most Likely To Succeed
  11. Most Deserving of a Spinoff Series
  12. Best Actor (Pokemon. Please list the Pokemon's name and the actor who played them, and if you're familiar with the Japanese version, please do the same for the japanese characters/actors. If you grew up watching pokemon in some other language, you may submit a vote for your country's dub as well- we might make an award for that depending on the responses. Ikue Otani is eligible in all countries for Pikachu )
  13. Best Actor (Human. Again, list the character and actor, for whatever countries, PLEASE remember that you are only judging that actor for their work on ONE character, and only that character's appearance in this season. For example, vote for Rachel Lillis as Misty or Jessie, but not both, and don't vote for Veronica Taylor's Ash based on her work in Advanced Generation.)
  14. Least Likely to be Resurrected in the Event of an Apocalypse (just for laughs...)
  15. Most Improved (Human. Presumably at pokemon training, but whatever.)
  16. Most Improved (Pokemon. The same)
  17. Funniest Moment in Indigo League
  18. Best One-liner
  19. Best Team Rocket Motto
  20. Crowing Moment of Awesome
  21. Best Brock Love Speech...
  22. Best Anime-Exclusive City/Location (places that you don't see in the games.)
  23. Best Episode (the movie doesn't count)
  24. Best Podcast Episode (the movie counts ;)

I would also like to do some staff awards (best writer, animator) or stuff like that, but the information can be hard to come by- sometimes it's hard to figure out just who did what on this show. Bulbapedia is pretty good, but still... and then, not everybody is really familiar with the various writers and storyboarders, etc.
Would you all be interested in voting on creator awards? If so, what awards should we have, and what should the criteria be?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Episode 71: Yet Another Excuse To Not Train...

Yeah, Ash gets side-tracked yet again, rather like I, myself, did.  But at least he's doing something Pokemon related, right?  Hanging out with a member of the Elite Four has got to count for something.  Tune in to officially meet Bruno, Elite Four member and apparently, a master of something or other...

Luckily, this is not what it looks like.  But I'm sure he's thought about it.
Click here or on the episode title to listen!!