Sunday, July 26, 2015

Episode 208: By The Sea!

We're finally at Olivine City!  It's not quite as eventful as we'd hoped, and we won't be staying long, but we will meet the gym leader, Jasmine.  And Arbok, well, Arbok need to rethink life a little... Tune in to fine out why...

Also, visit PIRN Radio to stream Pokemon music to your heart's content! Music and Behind-the-scenes stuff?  What more could you want, right?

Episode 207: Milk Drink, Does A Body Good!

Our last adventure before hitting Olivine City!  Thank goodness!  Legend says there's a secret pokemon oasis out in the desert that heals hurt and missing pokemon.  Nurse Joy doesn't know if it's true, but Ash's Cyndaquil is going to find out up close and personal.  Tune in to hear how that goes.

Also, check out PIRN and Pokepress for all your Pokemon fandom needs, music and interviews, actors, directors, gamers, cosplay... endless discoveries to be made! 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Episode 206: For The Love Of Water Pokemon!

still not at Olivine City... sigh...
Okay, team, we're not at Olivine City, but we have stumbled across something cool.  A very famous Pokemon Center, with an impressive legacy of Nurse Joys.  But... someone doesn't love Water Pokemon, Misty's gonna get a Beedrill in her bonnet about that... How will this resolve?  Or will it resolve at all?  Tune in to find out!

Also, Trading Card Game winners?  Cosplay?  Music?  PIRN and Pokepress have you covered!  Give them a watch and a listen, for all kinds of Pokemon fun!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Movie Episode 4: Does Anyone Know What Time It Is?

Oh my goodness, guess what time it is!  It's... Movie Tiiiiime!  Yes, today we go through Pokemon 4ever, or that Celebi movie, and I have a lot to say, some of it even positive!  Tune in to listen!

Other things you should listen to?  This interview and this interview by Pokepress, on Pokemon Symphonic evolutions!  By all accounts, it was a pretty great show.

And I guested on Train Station at 8 this week, you should check them out!  We talk pokemon music, among other great topics!