Monday, December 30, 2013

Episode 123: Catching Thieves Just Like Flies!

A heist is going down, by a professional criminal known as the Black Arachnid... the sequel.  Yup, it's Team Rocket, but they actually were competent thieves for the first part of this episode, and they didn't scrimp on the style.  But it's a web swinging Superhero that's going to save the day!  (No, not that one...) Tune in to find out who!
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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Episode 122: Dance Off!

Not everybody is dancing, but there is a fair amount of it in this episode, so you can bet Team Rocket is going to try and steal the show.  But Ash is surprisingly on top of Team Rocket sightings, two episodes in a row... Are JJ and Meowth losing their touch?  Tune in to listen!
How I love these two...

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Episode 121: If You Stop Thinking About It, It'll Go Away...

Hoothoot sees what you're doing there...

Our rival makes an appearance, but what happened to that nice, polite Gary we saw in Pallet Town?  Something happened to him, he seems off his game a little today... Anyway, the team has to make it through a forest full of ghosts with a Hoothoot that lacks motivation.  Cue Ash being a surrogate trainer...  Listen Here!

Also, Cartoon Network will be airing a digitally restored version of Pokemon: The First Movie!  Pokepress has an announcement about it here!
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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Episode 120: Silent Night, Amberite...

The pokemon got together for some caroling at the beginning of this episode... hope your ears didn't bleed.  Today Ash is going to catch Donphan!  ...oh, is that not today?  Oh, well, at least we'll meet a pretty cool one.  Also, a long, long discussion on Ash and Pikachu's friendship despite some near death experiences and whether we could reverse some of that.. Click the title to listen!

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Episode 119: The Great Bug War of '99...

Nature is out of balance... again.  This particular occasion doesn't require the heroic services of our Chosen One but that doesn't mean a little help isn't welcome.  Also, Bulbasaur meets a new friend... if you want to call it that...
Why merely hug a tree when you can over-achieve?
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Some days I wonder if he regrets ever leaving the Hidden Village...

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Episode 118: Batter Up!

It's December, so yes, it means the return of music from the Pokemon Christmas Bash.  Never forget the existence of this CD! XD
In actual episode news, this one contains a whole lot of meta rants... more than usual.  Please feel free to share your own opinions about Japanese/English children's television, Misty and Takeshi Shudo's novelizations and the development of Ash as a slightly more mature (but still largely incompetent (but we love you anyway)) character.
Click here to listen!
And censorship, the topic that never goes away...

Also, information about Pokemon manga getting released digitally. PLEASE continue to give information on that to me, as I feel this is extremely important and not enough buzz has gotten out.

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Baseball is serious business