Saturday, December 7, 2013

Episode 118: Batter Up!

It's December, so yes, it means the return of music from the Pokemon Christmas Bash.  Never forget the existence of this CD! XD
In actual episode news, this one contains a whole lot of meta rants... more than usual.  Please feel free to share your own opinions about Japanese/English children's television, Misty and Takeshi Shudo's novelizations and the development of Ash as a slightly more mature (but still largely incompetent (but we love you anyway)) character.
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And censorship, the topic that never goes away...

Also, information about Pokemon manga getting released digitally. PLEASE continue to give information on that to me, as I feel this is extremely important and not enough buzz has gotten out.

Also, our sponsor, PIRN, the Pokemon Internet Radio Network have started the holiday music!  Did you know you can vote for your favorite tracks?  Well, you can and you should, follow the link~!
Baseball is serious business

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