Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Episode 110: Florence Nightengale!

The boys have a rather indecent encounter that ends up with them paralyzed.  It's sad, Ash can barely move his limbs, his body won't respond at all, he can't talk properly... wait, am I sure I'm not just reading off my fanfic...?
But the situation is dire for Ash and Tracey, which means, Misty's gonna have an episode!  Character building, Pokemon catching, action taking!  All this and more, also, crossdressing.  Click here to listen!

Vileplume should report you two to Officer Jenny... kid's show, yeah right...

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Episode 109: My Favorite Pokemon!

It's my favorite pokemon!  Well, in that case, I guess I'm down with a small detour on our way to the Orange League Champion...  Also, more wacky scientists, or in this case, a wacky Pokemon Watcher. (But really, it's the same thing, right?)  You can click here to listen!

Some fun videos were shared,
from Brian:

And then from pokepress:  Blogger is bieng stupid... sigh... follow the link 

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And finally... in the episode I mention something about Serena knowing Satoshi?  Well... this is the most recent best wishes episode.  Fast forward to the end for the newest preview for Kalos... IT HAS TO DO WITH ASH's CHILDHOOD!!!  WE ARE SEEING HIS CHILDHOOD, and then other epic stuff, WOW~!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Episode 108: So Happy Together!

No running by the pool, Togepi!
Other than the side plot of a mother who misses her son (who may have grown up with a slight Eodipus complex...) this episode is all about the battle, baby!  Gym Battle Number 4!  We are reaching the end of our Orange Islands conquest, and going out with a bang.  Today's match is going to be a double battle, but don't worry, the Islands still keep their unique flavor!  You can click here to listen!

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...also, I can't wait to see Ash and his pokemon having the Magical Girl Transformations with the megaform bracelet.  This anime just got Shojo-fied...

Henshin~ ON!

And then...

This part of the scene was cut. didn't help much...

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Episode 107: Food Fights!

What do you do when you absolutely have to have your garden with you at all times?  Grow flowers out of your head!  And does this odd encounter actually have anything to do with the plot?  ... Actually... no, there is no reason given for why this Character of the Day grows flowers in his head, nor does it turn out to in any way impact the main conflict.  Gotta love that Gen 1 filler, wow...  But among things that are actually relevant, this will be the first episode discussing broken pokeballs.  Ash will dress up as fruit... Also, Snorlax is awesome.  Very awesome.
This moment alone made the whole episode worth it

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