Thursday, September 12, 2013

Episode 108: So Happy Together!

No running by the pool, Togepi!
Other than the side plot of a mother who misses her son (who may have grown up with a slight Eodipus complex...) this episode is all about the battle, baby!  Gym Battle Number 4!  We are reaching the end of our Orange Islands conquest, and going out with a bang.  Today's match is going to be a double battle, but don't worry, the Islands still keep their unique flavor!  You can click here to listen!

Also, swing on by PIRN, the Pokemon Internet Radio Network, to hear Pokemon Music streamin 24/7!  Got a favorite song?

...also, I can't wait to see Ash and his pokemon having the Magical Girl Transformations with the megaform bracelet.  This anime just got Shojo-fied...

Henshin~ ON!

And then...

This part of the scene was cut. didn't help much...

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    New Trailer!!!! I can't wait!!!