Monday, November 5, 2012

Episode 71: Yet Another Excuse To Not Train...

Yeah, Ash gets side-tracked yet again, rather like I, myself, did.  But at least he's doing something Pokemon related, right?  Hanging out with a member of the Elite Four has got to count for something.  Tune in to officially meet Bruno, Elite Four member and apparently, a master of something or other...

Luckily, this is not what it looks like.  But I'm sure he's thought about it.
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  1. Great to have you back
    Loved this episode
    I hope you keep making them

  2. Well once again ash does not do training physically but ash probably did do some mental training thinking of using his training to strategies he can use in battle like he is the poemon version of the karate kid

    Also talking to ash you better do good in the indigo conference causse if you don't I will personally make prof oak send you on another journey to an island to get a ball which then you will have to go on another adventure to get more pokemon aand be in another league

    1. Haha! XD So, the GS ball was YOUR fault... ;)