Monday, June 23, 2014

Episode 150: Delvil May Care!

Ash really gets to be a hero in this episode.  In fact, he kind of goes overboard by the end.  The kids have to deal with a dark pokemon that hides in the shadows, solve some mysteries, head up a rescue mission... it's pretty action-packed for a filler episode!  Tune in to listen!

And this way for Pokemon music, at PIRN Radio!

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  1. Anne, don't be sad for the fact that the Pokémon Company didn't do anything special for the 150th episode of series. I think that this one might not be considered the 150th episode for them. The reason for that is that, in my opinion, there isn't an official Pokémon episode list. For example, for, this episode is the 150th episode of the series. On the other hand, for and, is the 152th and, for the Pokémon Company (, is the 111th, because they don't consider, as part of their list, episodes like the one with the Porygon.