Sunday, May 11, 2014

Episode 144: On The Back Burner

Gym Day!  We go through Ash's lineup, get on Misty's case for getting on Ash's, and narrate a gym battle with a lot of twists.  We also flail a little over news of a Gen III remake, and then the breakout star of this episode was Shedinja!  Wanna find out how that works?  Well, just tune in...

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  1. Anne, you were bothered to the fact that Pikachu had apparently got his agility move replaced by tackle, in the previous episode, but got it back in this one. But, in my opinion, differently of what occurs in the games, in the anime, a Pokémon can learn more than four moves, as you can see - for example - from Drake's Dragonite, in the Enter The Dragonite episode.