Sunday, May 4, 2014

Episode 143: Insert Your Own Joke About Balls...

I refrained from any puns or jokes about balls and ten-year-olds touching them... I'm a good girl, really!  But that doesn't mean there wasn't a bunch of other stuff to laugh at this week, with the conclusion to the GS Ball arc and Kurt's artisan pokeball buisness.  Tune in to hear more about apricorns!  

Also, visit PIRN, the Pokemon Internet Radio Network, and vote for your favorite tracks!

Aaand... this way to the interview with Niel Jason!

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  1. Anne, in this episode, you said that Pikachu would probably have a different opnion about Pokéballs if he had been caught with a Friend Ball by Professor Oak. However, I wonder if the Professor from each region actually catch the Pokémon that they will provide to each of the starting trainers. I mean, did Professor Oak actually caught Pikachu or did someone gave the eletric mouse to him, so that he could offer to the starting trainers? In another words, I really wanted to know more about Pikachu's past history and, mainly, what made him not like Pokéballs.