Thursday, March 15, 2012

Episode 49: The Dissapearance of Hatsune Farfetch'd

Ash and his friends are hunting down a rare-ish pokemon, but maybe this farfetch'd isn't one they want to cross paths with.  It's trainer is a bit of a con man.  And what's this about Jessie having a lickitung?  Have we skipped an episode somewhere, or is porygon still giving our series a glitch?  Ah, never a dull moment, here on Pikapi Podcast!


  1. If you don't know who Gary's parents are, his dad is professor Oak. Though I don't know who his mom is. :)

    1. Oak is Gary's grandpa, his parents are unknown.

  2. I was watching episode 46 and sense I wasn't paying attention when you were reviewing it, ( sorry ) when Charmelen evolved I was like OH MY GOD!! Charmelen is evolving!!

  3. For those interested, more information on Jessie's mother: