Monday, July 29, 2013

Episode 105: A Long-Awaited Reconciliation!

I know, I know, there's supposed to be some rather unique weather disturbances today... but all of that will be put on hold, because Ash and Charizard are finally going to address the piles and piles of angst and rage that have been building up between them!  I know, we've been waiting a long time, but here it is, in all of it's sappy glory!
Awww, this episode is giving me the feelings~!

Charizard, too, is filled with the feelings...

So, click here to listen!  You know you want to.  And next episode is... something about a Chosen One...?

Ah, memories...


  1. Speaking of the Decolora ark, I just watched the episode where Ash and Iris fight, and oh man the emotion that Ash shows, from anger, to sadness, to contemplation. Such a good episode! I can't wait for the movie episode!

  2. Honestly i do not know why but I thought while listening to this of making a shipping name for ash and misty but i couldn't think of one so i made one of their Japanese names: Satosumi

    And I always loved this episode that showing Ash and Charizard can become great friends yet keep Charizards awesome attitude

    And i can't wait for the Pokemon 2000 episode it's gonna be awesome