Monday, July 15, 2013

Episode 103: Ship It Like A Battlecruiser!

Whenever Ash and Misty have a Shippy episode, it seems that there's a lot of other side ships that get implied... sometimes I think the animators have a secret ship war going on... And then, there's me being silly and stupid, poking fun at PikaSato being a married couple...
Well, there will be jokes.  There will be a gym battle.  There will be talk of movies and why Pokemon needs to step it up because the world needs Ash Ketchum as a protagonist.  And oddly enough, not much talk of Team Rocket, they don't even get a scheme today.
Love is in the air...
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  1. Has any one found it funny that Roody is rude to Ash? I mean Roody's name fits him.