Thursday, August 15, 2013

Movie Episode 2: Carry On, My Wayward Pun!

Highlights:  The Chosen One is not who you think it is.  Pikachu finally mans up and takes charge (but it doesn't make a lick of sense...)  Today's villian has been officially renamed to something the podcast host finds amusing. Satoshi is a main character in his own show (and the only one with logical reactions to anything.)  Takeshi Shuudo wrote enough plot holes to mire a herd of Snorlax.  Continuity can sometimes be a pain.  The dub wins points for asking Japan before making changes, but loses most of them when they make a pun out of Ash's name... (and yet, still makes us weep like the children we all are at heart...)
Also, French sounds cool, even when you've forgotton how to speak it, soundtrack discussions, Misty needs to stop letting Togepi roam free, and we actually manage to tie in both religion and the 2011 tsunami (yep, we're going there...)
And, finally, This Movie Is GORGEOUS!  In so many ways...

It's a ridiculous amount of time spent discussing a children's movie, but here's hoping it was worth the wait!  You can CLICK HERE to listen!

Also, this movie's gonna be epic!

Did I mention it was going to be epic?

Because this is what epic looks like.
Does anyone feel the deja vu?  Because I do.

And... to illustrate the map/Charizard/continuity debate...

This is Fairchild Island, where Pikachu and Meowth were BEFORE "Charizard Chills.

This is Cleopatra Island, where Chaizard was chilling...

This is Ascorbia Island, where they will head AFTER "Charizard Chills"

And this is Shamuti and it's three shrines.  Where do you think it belongs?


  1. I forgot to mention-Pokemon 2000 is also my favorite poster/DVD cover of all the movies thus far. It's really balanced aesthetically (certainly more than The First Movie's), and using the Pokeball as a globe is really cool. I'll post some more thoughts later

    1. Agree 100% Really wonderful design!

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