Friday, November 8, 2013

Episode 115: Home Sweet Home!

We're finally back home in  Pallet Town!  ...and that's always how the weirdness starts...  Yup, this episode is pure psycho-crazy, and then, right at the end, the cliffhanger we've waited 114 episodes for!  You don't want to miss it!

Also, take some time out of your day to listen to PIRN, the Pokemon Internet Radio Network!  Streaming pokemon music 24/7, FOR FREE!  All you do is sit back and let the peppy sounds of happiness wash over you...

He's baaaack....
And don't forget, we're still voting for the Very Best Like No One Ever Was, Orange Islands.  Cast your votes!


  1. Oh God...We're almost in Johto!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP!
    Thankfully Johto is a lot longer. 3 whole seasons!
    I loved the Orange Islands, and I think they were a great way to segway into Johto. On another note, I think the Decolora Archipelago is taking WAY too long. I just want Ash back in Pallet for the love of God!!! Somebody tell me how he gets to Kalos!!!! Obviously through Reporter Pansy, but I still wanna see it! Oh yea, and Brock's cameo too! That's still not out yet! And they teased us with the X and Y preview! Oh man. (End rant/flail)

    1. I know, right? Silver Conference or bust!
      Haha! ...don't worry, DA's been over for awhile. If you're watching in English, I think it's only a few weeks left!

    2. I'm watching in Japanese subs. The subs just take forever I guess ;-;
      Time to learn to comprehend fluent Japanese o3o

    3. After about five minutes of looking, I realized I wasn't trying hard enough, and also that I only had 2 episodes of DA left lolol. Time to finish!

    4. Oh! Then this site might help! It's a new subber, the subbed episodes go up almost the same day the show airs in Japan! (Bless this person!)

    5. Oh wow, thank you! That person deserves a medal.