Monday, October 14, 2013

Episode 112: Hail to the Team!

Yeah, yeah, late again and everyone's busy with XY, but hey, the conclusion to an epic match is here!  We can always save a little time for that, right? ;)  Anyway, yes, league conquest, I get super emotional about children's television and Pokefan's should band together to set the haters straight!

(And if the title still links you to the picture of dragonite, just click this link!   Tune in to listen!  !)

And, as always, Pikapi Podcast is brought to you by PIRN!  Need music to play XY by?  They'll hook you up!
Hang in there!

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  1. The status ailments' implications, in the earlier seasons, are indeed not well explained, as you can from Squirtle's defeat in the Indigo League and Bulbasaur's in the Orange League. However, in the Sinnoh League's match against Tobias' Darkrai, Ash's Heracross was not disqualified and, because of that, was able to continue battling, despite of its asleep condition. It, in fact, kept battling, using its Sleep Talk attack.