Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Very Best Like No One Ever Was: Kanto Edition!

Hey, remember this?

 Indigo League has come to an end, and because I'm a sappy soul, I just can't move on without making a huge to-do about it.  And why not?  This was over a year and a half of fun!

...and this?  Fun times....

 And so, this special episode bids a fond farewell to all that was season 1.  You can expect that I will wax nostalgic on the 90's, a finished map project, skimming through months and months of comments, and most importantly, the results of your voting.  Just who was the very best, like no one ever was?

A new map!  Finished! ... get these kids a PokeNav already...

Haha, click here to listen!

True Love...



  1. I'm literally tearing up just from listening to the first ten minutes of this episode. You just explained the 90's and Pokémon in a way that made me feel like the entire world could just be friends with each other. It truly warmed my heart. Back in the time when working to get something was fun, and it wasn't really work. Truly the best time of my life. Childhood: when simple things gave simple results. Work = happiness

  2. Anne, considering the fact that Ash lost at the Indigo League, if he had to compete again at it, would he have to collect again all the 8 badges or does he actually gets to keep them, even if he's beaten at the Pokémon League?

    1. That... is a very good question... I might talk about it next episode... He definatly gets to keep them, but whether or not they qualify him for future tournaments... hmm. They've commented before about other trainers challenging a league but not collecting all eight in time for the same tourney Ash is competing at, so the implication is that those trainers would compete the next year. No one's ever mentioned a time limit or expiration date, so... I dunno, they could be valid for a trainer's lifetime.