Monday, December 10, 2012

Episode 77: An Unexpected Upset!

The matches continue here at the Pokemon League!  Someone will win, and someone will lose... I won't spoil a fifteen year old episode, you'll just have to tune in for yourself!
... and while we wait for podbean to get it's act together, you'll have to tune in below... should only be another day, I hope...

WE'RE BACK!! Oh, what a relief!  I am not good with change, I figure out how to do something, and nothing's ever allowed to go wrong again!  Haha, click here to listen!

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  1. Well I gotta say maybe ash didn't do to much pokemon rraining but strategy training also the trainer that faced ash (can't remember her name) but with her whole entrance and outfit 4kids gave her a english name but the earlier samurai had a japanese name

  2. Great episode, Anne. Just a little correction, Ash faced Ritchie in the round of 16, not in the semi-final. ;)