Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Episode 78: Send In The Clones!

Ash unknowingly seals him doom in this episode... Normally, making friends is a good thing that this podcast endorses, but when it comes to the Pokemon League, well, let's just say Ash making friends here has never ended well... However, our new friend and rival is not only a nice guy, but competent as well!  Tune in to meet Ritchie, the Pokemon Nick-Namer!

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What Brock and Misty wouldn't give for an excuse to clobber this kid...

Um... really?

1 comment:

  1. Wait pokemon shaped constallations? That definitly didnt happen in a later movie during the end credits.

    And the "pokemon inspection" well ash and ritchie were correct that it was strange since no one said anything about it and putting there pokemon in bags should have ended the suspision and what happened to all the jenny's patrolling everywhere what were they all taking a ten minute break at the same time.

    And finally a good friend for ash well now he has to pay for it against a charmander, butterfree, pikachu, and whatever else ritchie has and aside from the movie this is the first time nicknamed pokemon are actually canon.