Sunday, December 18, 2016

Episode 274: You Can (Not) Advance!

It's finally here!  The last episode of the Johto region!  Ash and Pikachu head off on a new journey, a new start, that ends up looking disturbingly familiar to their first one... Click here to listen or download!

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Also, Pokepress was off in London, at The European International Championships!  There's lots of cool stuff to see... you should check out their videos on YouTube!
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  1. Anne, until when can I cast a vote at the "The Very Best Like No One Ever Was Awards!"? I don't wanna vote right now because I'm a little behind on the episodes.

  2. Anne, what do you think would happen to a trainer's Pokémon if that trainer, by any reason, passed away? Would that creature become a wild Pokémon or would it still belong to that trainer, even though he/she is dead? Would another trainer be able to catch it?

  3. (sorry I didn't see this earlier, been holiday traveling)
    You should have a day or two left before I start work on the episode.
    (As for the trainer passing away... I dunno. Maybe a trainer has to specify that in their will? So far, the Pokemon of deceased trainers still consider themselves caught in spirit, they've all thrown fits when someone tries to catch them... Have we seen any of those Pokemon go on to new trainers?)

    1. "Have we seen any of those Pokemon go on to new trainers?"

      I still haven't watched all the episodes of the anime, but I intend to. So, in case I see something that can answer your question, I'll let you know.

    2. I don't think we have, but I can't be Bulbapedia all the time, lol. I think there may have been times where a trainer died and the pokemon kept living with the family, but whether or not ownership transferred, who knows. I can't recall that situation ever playing out where they then fought official battles or anything...

  4. Anne, have you seen this insane video? LOL