Thursday, December 1, 2016

Episode 267: Lovers And Fighters!

(Thank you everyone for your patience as I try to piece back together this podcast!  It has been very time-consuming, but I am making progress and the Holiday Marathon will go as planned, as long as the internet doesn't fail us again!)
Today, Ash fights his first battle of the semi-finals, and also has a romantic encounter?  I'll let you decide whether or not he's actually aware of the fact.  Also, someone racked up a loooot of points for our fantasy Pokemon League game.  Click here to find out who!  You can also download the episode by right-clicking the link and selecting "save link as"!
What has Pokepress been up to?  My oh my, so much!  They started a podcast of their own!  (Not to brag, but I'm kinda in the first episode, you should totally listen.)  Then, they also started reviewing the "Pokemon Christmas Bash" CD!  Check that out, here!

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