Monday, November 7, 2016

Episode 264: Crying For Our Mommies!

 Crazy future episode ideas, the end of a friend's character arc, and oh!  A game, you say?  You can hear the whole episode here, or keep reading for game details..

All right, Team! We're gonna play Fantasy Pokemon League! I'll break down the rules more later, but here's the basic idea:
Everyone who wants to play will draft 4 characters (at least 1 human and 1 pokemon) and 1 event and 1 attack, for a total of 6. When the Silver Conference episodes air, you will all earn points based on what happens. Such as:
Battle Points: You get a point when one of your characters appears in a Pokemon battle. Bonus point if they win the match.
Hero Points; You get a point if one of your characters save someone.
Romance Points: You get a point if one of your characters falls in love, or someone falls in love with them.
Event Points: In addition to characters, you draft an event, such as the team rocket motto, wobbofett popping out of its pokeball, handshakes/highfives, etc. If one of these events happen, you get a point.
Attack Points: Anytime your drafted attack is used (ex. Thundershock) by any pokemon, you get a point.
Random Points: There will also be a few random or bonus events that you can earn points from.
I'll explain the rules more, and write up a full breakdown of everything available for drafts later this weekend, and of course, I'll explain it on the show. Obviously, certain main characters stand to rack up a lot of points, so there might be handicaps associated with them.
This is mostly for fun and giggles, but there is a PRIZE! I knit small dolls, and to the winner, I will knit a little Ash Ketchum doll and mail it anywhere in the world. So, a little incentive.
Do you want to play? Please let me know in the comments! We need at least three people playing for this to work. I don't think I'll need to impose a max limit on players, but please put your name in the comments so I have a basic idea!

 You can watch Pokepress unbox the latest character album out of Japan on their Youtube channel! 
Or read Steven's thoughts here!


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  2. Satoshi's PikachuNovember 9, 2016 at 6:23 PM

    I've finded out about your podcast, while looking for podcasts that talk about Pokémon anime content. For my surprise, besides your page, there's just a couple of them that does something similar, but in a lower quality. So, keep up the good work because you just got a new listener.

  3. Anne, besides Meowth and Larvitar, The Gastly from the "The Ghost of Maiden's Peak" episode and the Slowking from the second movie can speak the human language. I think that it's possible that more Pokémon in the anime can. However, I can't quite recall.