Sunday, November 13, 2016

Episode 265: Runner Up!

The Silver Conference is almost upon us, the torch runner is about to start!  While we wait for that to get underway, I have a long tangent about Pokemon Black and White/ Episode N and what it can teach us about politics.  Ho hum... Click here to listen!

Congratulations to Team Logan and Team Evan!  I look forward to your Fantasy Pokemon League competition!

 In music news, you can watch Pokepress unbox the latest character album out of Japan on their Youtube channel! 
Or read Steven's thoughts here!


  1. Anne, why do you think Ash has two "z's" drawn on his face?

    1. In my head canon, it's a birthmark, lol. I think it's just a design choice like pink circles or that Tommy character's spirals, after all, the anime style is more cartoon than realistic. I imagine it's supposed to suggest ruddiness or youthful energy.

  2. Good theory. I like to think that the "z's", for looking like little lightning bolts, have some relation to the fact that Ash had a eletric Pokémon (Pikachu) as his starter and main Pokémon. So, it could represent a special bond that the two of them have.