Sunday, September 21, 2014

Episode 162: It's a Rock! It's a Tree! It's... Sudowoodo!

No matter how much the regional professors toil at their research, there will always be some mysteries in the world of Pokemon.  One such mystery has a pair of scientists stumped.  Can Ash and his friends help shed some light on this?  Tune in to find out!
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Yeah, it's that episode...

Pokepress has a soundcloud page!  A great place to find their previous interviews.  And don't forget to visit PIRN Radio to stream Pokemon music to your heart's content!


  1. Brock get help. Does the pokemon world even have a way to treat psychological issues? Sorry. Great episode. But I wanted to know if you have seen cosplaying pikachu in omega ruby and sapphire. If not here:
    If you have isn't it adorable? Keep up the great work best wishes-Waffle

    1. So far, the only psychologists I've seen in this show treat only Pokemon... (But to get hyper nerdy, I think Molly Hale's mother may or may not have been institutionalized for a mental breakdown, so it's possible this universe has some sort of treatment available...)
      And cosplay Pikachu is the most adorable thing ever! That game is worth it for this alone!