Saturday, September 22, 2012

News of a sort...

Hey, guys!  It's kind of stupid for me to forget to post this until just now, but... I'll be a guest on Bouncing Wailord this Sunday (AKA, tomorrow).  If you want to tune in for that, the show is live at 10pm ET, or you can listen to the audio version of the episode when it's posted.  If you'd like, please visit to find out how you can listen!
Again, sorry about posting that news so late notice...


  1. Awesome! pleas advertise Baby Mewto! lets start a fan world wide fan request!

    Or I should finish my Slowbro training!Sine the germane Pokemon Day final is next Saturday (Keldeo here I come)! to bad I don't know were I fine the BW live broadcast!

      I admit, I'm a little confused myself... but that link will take you to BW's IRC chat, and if that doesn't get you there, you can at least ask the regular fans. Or you can add them on google and shoot them an email.