Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Episode 68: Just Say No...

Today, we'll be visiting some place called the Xanadu Nursery, and you'd better like it, because it's either this, or chores.  Bulbasaur gets some smoochies, Brock does not, and Professor Oak makes a random appearance, like he is wont to do.  What is Team Rocket's dastardly plan?  Will Ash actually get around to training today?  Will Officer Jenny make a drug bust?  Tune in to find out, here on Pikapi Podcast!

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  1. Frist things fir great show (again)you make even the filler funnier!

    Well how would we breed MiniMewto in thr fist gen. games Mewto it was said that Mew gave birth to Mewto on February 6 so lets us that.

    Gen 6 Put Mew and a Ditto (who some people believe is a failed mew clone) in Day Care and give Mew a special Item like z.B. "DNA-Tube"

    and you would get MiniMewto eegs like with Manaphy and Phione.

    Or the cheep why Event Pokemon like Keldeo

    Init. is the schort they us in German games for Speed (sorry mix it up) I think it stands for Iniitive (but I'm not sure) instead of Gewindigkeit Tempo oder Schnelligkeit (well none of those has a good short)

  2. Well another good episode yet that one was an episode that would basically be one of the forgetful ones

    Also what i was talking about before was originally ghost was supposed to be by itself and be unable to be hit by psychic and that would make it to over powered and would have no weaknesses so thats why the poison type was added and even though in the manga Pika caught Mewtwo and Blain claimed as his own even though mewtwo listened to him maybe if he were to catch it he would destroy it cause what if it lost control again since according to Pikachu not every pokemon always does what its trainer says so mewtwo could escape again and giovanni would be back where he started

    And do you read any of the muzlocke comics from because the main one and all the fan comics are really good like Shiningace having the main person have a curse called curse of the Nuzlocke basically giving a reason to why the main persons pokemon die and every other trainers pokemon just faint.

    And Ash Y U No Train Y U just go around only fighting team rocket and no one else

    And Next episode off to HOLLYWOOD

  3. Oh, I see what you mean now. Hmm, a compelling thought...
    I don't really read Nuzlocke's stuff. I have heard of it but I haven't been able to really get into it. I do love fan comics and doujins though, so I give them thumbs up!