Monday, July 23, 2012

Episode 64: Ash Ketchum's Flying Circus!

The Circus is coming to town!  Some our heroes are going to be getting in on the action, Delia may show up, and Ash is going to have a chance to prove just what he's worth without his pokemon team.  Also, some dueling Mr. Mimes.  It's a high-flying act, in more ways than one!  Click here to listen!


  1. So, the Isshu region. I can't believe Ash already has all 8 badges, but now it seems like they're going to be milking a whole new season out of Isshu. Which, to be honest, im not that upset about. I got a pretty good laugh out of your comparison of the league and the Super Bowl xD

    1. You laugh now, but just wait until we get to those episodes... But Ishhu, yeah, that tournament thing looks like it'll be worth the extension.

    2. I laugh because I agree with you! It definitely is something to be fired up over.
      Oh btw, I saw a guy comment on your fanfic, saying that Brock never studied to become a breeder xD What was the deal with the whole Pokémon doctor thing anyway?

    3. Haha! That guy's comment made me laugh ^_^ It's a vague profession, but Brock took breeding pretty seriously, right?
      The doctor thing kind of came as a surprise, I still don't know if I get it. He did spend a lot of sinnoh doing doctor-y stuff, especially at the end, but it was really only the last episode where he was like "Hey, I'm gonna do this". But dawn and Ash were both achieving things in that episode, so maybe he needed to do something too? Or impress Joy, I dunno...

  2. A: your podcast does NOT suck. It is the best podcast I have seen. B: the real world fish are probably there just to make the ocean look more inhabited.