Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Episode 62: Independance Day

The aliens are back!  Just in time for the fourth of July, and how grateful I am to live in a place that allows me the means and the freedom to make podcasts, even silly ones like this!
Do you guys have a favorite scriptwriter on the Pokemon staff?  I don't know if I have a favorite, but I have noticed that there's a bit of a difference between some of them... Tune in for that, or to hear the return of the aliens!  Click here to listen!


  1. I was watching Best Wishes the other day, and I noticed that these gym battles are REALLY GOOD! They feel a lot like the ones from Kanto did with the way Ash battles, his style is unique and you can't really tell who will win. The only weird thing is that Ash already has 6 gym badges. I feel like we're flying right through Unova. If they're lucky and they manage to push the league championship out long enough then they'll have a 3rd season with Isshu/Unova.

    1. Three seasons out of Best Wishes? Yes, please! I like the way you think! Yeah, I'm loving these gym battles, and it feels like he's been winning them a lot on the first try, lately, huh?... not used to seeing that from our Ashy-boy...

  2. Anne, considering the fact that Takeshi Shudō had Team Rocket as his favorites characters and that, when he worked at the Pokémon anime, he had more of a comic and lighthearted writing style, I'm not sure if he would have liked the more darker and serious approach that the trio was given at the Best Wishes series.

    Now, as for the episode, how did Brock get his backpack back, if Ash and Misty only got their own backpack when they were escaping of the spaceship? LOL

  3. Actually, I think he would have loved it. Because while he did do many comic and lighthearted episodes, he also did some of the darkest, and his episodes at the time were the most focused on backstory and character development. I believe he's also the one who brought up the stuff with Musashi's mom. Shudo was very good with characters, not so good with plotting. In fact, as good as a writer as he is, some of his episodes, and movies, are all over the place. So if someone came up with that idea in the writer's room, I can see him immediately getting on board with the idea, even if he didn't come up with it himself. Especially since Team Rocket did have moments of comedy and serious and even heroics through the whole run.
    But also, while Team Rocket were his favorites, it's not like he's their sole creator. So if he didn't like it, I can also see him not getting to worked up about it. Overall, I think he would have been impressed by the wider scope of stories and long-form storytelling the show was able to pull off that wasn't possible in his era.