Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Episode 63: A Two for One Deal!

Not one gym battle, but two!  The revelation of Team Rocket's leader!  More property damage to Viridian City!  And, a twist on gym battles that feels like it came straight out of a fanfic!  They've crammed so much into one episode, but here at Pikapi Podcast, we're gonna push more in like the white-gloved guards at a Tokyo train station!  Tune in to hear all of the above, plus some postulation on Ash's parentage, and why that kid always stays ten!  This is the last gym battle for the region, so, you knew it was going to be epic!
Click here to listen!

Okay, links to other podcasts...
Bouncing Wailord, this way to meet the Wailord Warlord!

WTF Pokemon:  You can watch it on blip, or on Itunes, or Youtube.

Is there a Palletshipping PV out there that doesn't use this clip? ;P


  1. Haha i find it funny you talked about shipping (the weirdest topic)and to confirm Giovanni's son is silver from johto (told from the manga and hgss wifi thingy)good job on the episodes im 100% with you!

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