Monday, May 7, 2012

Episode 53: Purrr- fection!

Yet another holiday is upon us, Happy Children's Day!  We've actually managed to sync up the episode with the real world timeline, sort of, which is more than the original series was able to do, thanks to Porygon.  Meowth is gonna be heroic, maybe, and some babysitting will go down... one thing that definitely won't happen?  Finding Cinnabar for the Gym Battle!  Click Here to listen to the episode!


  1. If anybody wants to watch Pokemon the first movie Mewtwo strikes back go to and type in Pokemon the first movie:Mewtwo strikes Back.Or am im the only one who thinks this movie is FRICKEN AWESOME.

  2. Y wont anyone comment any more

  3. Tracey, Todd Snap, and Luke need to get together and make an awesome 80's style mixed media music video.