Saturday, May 19, 2012

Episode 56: Testing My Theory!

This episode was somewhat hijacked by the latest news releases for the new Best Wishes season as well as Pokemon Black 2 and White 2.  You can hear all about my theory on how Ash is going to win his first league conference this year... yes, I do believe that, and I'm sticking by it!  If you make it through my logic, we'll eventually get to the episode:  Ash is going to take a test to get into the Pokemon League?  No, kid, stick with your psychotic battle strategies, they're kind of working for you.
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  1. u didn't know they were releasing Pokemon Black and White 2 cards?

  2. Curious fact about the Weedle that you mentioned:

    "In one scene where the gang talks to Nurse Joy and Todd takes pictures of Pokémon, there is a Trainer with a green-colored Weedle. Coincidentally, Weedle is green when Shiny in Gold and Silver, albeit a different shade".