Friday, April 27, 2012

Episode 52: Princess for a Day

The Princess Festival is getting underway!  It's a great time to be a girl!  If you're a guy, well... you can show us some love, anyway?  Misty and Jessie duke it out for a doll set, Ash and Pikachu continue their soap opera, and Fiorello Cappuccino does next to nothing!  Click the title to listen!
...Aaaaand it seems blogger's new format doesn't like my enclosure links... until I get that sorted, click here to listen to the episode...


  1. Have you ever heard of Pokepark? They just came out with a new one, and it is really fun! They have a mix of the Pokemon from black and white, and they have pokemon from the original series to!

  2. I think May and Iris should meet. They could be awesome friends. They both are always getting mad at Ash. They could get mad at Ash together.

  3. I also agree with Haily and Bob, but I would like to see Misty and Iris too. Misty needs a cameo anyway, it's been too long. Also, for Paul and Gary: I think Gary has matured over the past few seasons, becoming a researcher and all. I think Gary would bust on Ash for old times sake, but I also think Gary would defend Ash against Paul.

  4. Alright I have two dream meetings. One would definitely be Barry and Bianca because I feel like they'd make a great team. While Bianca is "accidentally" pushing Ash into some form of water Barry can fine him.

    And the other meeting would be a crossover between the anime and Pokemon Adventures. I'd like Ash to meet Red and maybe Red can show Ash a thing or two about winning a league championship. Also a match between Pikachu and Pika would be something that I'd love to see. Anyway, love the podcast and keep it up.