Friday, April 13, 2012

Episode 51: They Grow Up So Fast!

We're over halfway through Kanto, kids!  Thanks for all the congratulations on hitting episode 50!  Right now, there's a festival in town, but the requirements for an invite are strict:  You have to be a bulbasaur, and you have to be ready to evolve.  I don't think Ash's Bulbasaur really wants to go to the party... Tune in for the big evolve-o-rama, here on Pikapi Podcast!  Just click the post title to listen!
And a link to the interview with Junichi Masuda (sorry, I couldn't find an English version...) is here!


  1. I think Paul and Gary should meet.It would just make my day!

  2. I love Bulbasaur! And I can't believe we're halfway through Kanto!!! At least we still have Johto to look forward to. I'll cry for Misty after that ;(