Monday, July 4, 2011

Episode 13: Lighthouse Mayhem!

Happy Fourth of July!  We're not taking a break here at Pikapi, so listen up to hear all about Bill the Lighthouse guy!  Do you have a theory on Bill who knows too much? (Or too little?)  Click the title to listen, or click here to listen!


  1. It's been ages since I last saw this episode!! And even though I have seen this episode many many times, I never realized that he had an image of Mewtwo carved onto his door. Thanks for mentioning that! And after knowing that Bill somehow knows about Mewtwo, it appears there may be something fishy going on with him :P lol

    Great Episode!

  2. Anne, as we saw on this episode, when Ash caught his 7th Pokémon, it went direct to Professor Oak. So, based on that, What would happen if Brock or Misty ever caught their 7th Pokémon? I mean, since they don't "work" for any Professor or have a Pokédex, what would happen to that Pokémon? Could they carry it along with their others six Pokémon? Other than that, in Misty's case, does Togepi counts as one of her Pokémon, since it was never actually caught?