Monday, July 17, 2017

Episode 290: Electric Rock!

The day of the gym battle has arrived!  Ash, Piakchu and Treeko challenge the Rustburo City Gym, even though they've got next to know attacks that can actually do damage to Roxanne's team.  It's an exciting battle, showing off the best of this team's strengths!  Click here to hear how it went!

What are the top five best Pokemon movies? I have some thoughts... click here to visit my Patreon and get that special episode!

Pokepress caught a rare interview with Mark Mueller, co-writer of "Somewhere, Someday". This song took an interesting journey to get to the soundtrack, and Mark's a pretty interesting guy himself! Visit Pokepress to learn more! Or, check out their channel on YouTube!

And finally, I made a thing... Vocaloid songs about fictional characters... "Train On" is on Youtube, "Center of the Storm" will follow soon, but for now, the whole "Wonders" album can be found on Spotify, Apple Music or wherever tunes are streamed. (Except Pandora. Pandora doesn't know what's cool ;)


  1. was introduced to your podcast by animeguy01/logan

    and at first i didnt think i was gonna like it because it was a single host and i was so thoroughly confused by the intro (before i realized it was the theme in pikachu speak) that i was gonna back out

    but im really glad i didnt, ive listened to all of the hoenn episodes so far and you do such a good job of covering all the events throughout the episode and actually giving some pov discussion on the whole thing while also detailing out character development that i never saw before because of subtly i was looking for a podcast that followed the anime exclusively and this is the best one ive found

  2. Haha, thanks so much! Yeah, the single host format can be a bit touch and go, but what can I say... I like to do things my own way ;) I'm glad you stuck through some of the wierder stuff!