Sunday, July 16, 2017

Episode 289: School Field Trip!

Ash and the kids are on a field trip!  Not with their school, but to a school.  Max gets a chance to experience public education, May learns about contests, Brock discovers his future calling and Ash just wants a gym battle.  Also, they meet the gym leader.  She's sweet. Click here to learn more about Roxanne of Rustburo City!

What are the top five best Pokemon movies? I have some thoughts... click here to visit my Patreon and get that special episode!

Pokepress caught a rare interview with Mark Mueller, co-writer of "Somewhere, Someday". This song took an interesting journey to get to the soundtrack, and Mark's a pretty interesting guy himself! Visit Pokepress to learn more!  Or, check out their channel on YouTube!

And finally, I made a thing... Vocaloid songs about fictional characters... "Train On" is on Youtube, "Center of the Storm" will follow soon, but for now, the whole "Wonders" album can be found on Spotify, Apple Music or wherever tunes are streamed.  (Except Pandora.  Pandora doesn't know what's cool ;)

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