Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Special Episode: Badge Makers R Us!

Misty needs to replenish the Cerulean Gym's stash of gyms badges, but it turns out the process isn't as simple as placing an order... It's time for Pokemon Chronicles, which means plenty of familiar faces!  Including Psyduck!  :)  Click here to download or listen!

And my, my, there's a lot of stuff to keep you busy on the Pokemon/nerdy front.  Did I mention I have a new special episode up?  Pokemon Adventures, Volume 1, chapters 6-9, if you're interested!

Pokepress went out for Record Store Day 2017, and then decided they needed even more music with this unboxing of the Alola single.  And if that wasn't enough, did a radio show featuring even more video game music!  And then, their podcast has plenty of stuff about Pokemon and pokemon music, new episodes up!

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