Sunday, May 14, 2017

Episode 282: A Snake In The Grass Is Worth Treeko In The Bush!

I wasn't lying about binge podcasting!  Here's a quick episode about Treeko, Ash and Pikachu's parenting skills, and a Seviper that was born to be a member of Team Rocket.  Arbok shed a massive snakeskin to fill, but I think Seviper will make a nice replacement.  Click here to download or listen!

And my, my, there's a lot of stuff to keep you busy on the Pokemon/nerdy front. Did I mention I have a new special episode up? Pokemon Adventures, Volume 1, chapters 6-9, if you're interested!

Pokepress went out to the Pokemon Sun and Moon: Guardians Rising pre-release, and got to talk with some people about that event. What is there to look forward to in the coming season? Read here to see what Jake said! They also made it out to Record Store Day 2017, and then decided they needed even more music with this unboxing of the Alola single. And if that wasn't enough, did a radio show featuring even more video game music! And then, their podcast has plenty of stuff about Pokemon and pokemon music, new episodes up!

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