Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Episode 277: Meeting The Parents!

It's time to get to know May's family, and Ash looks like the responsible young man you want to bring home.  So much so that Norman and Caroline trust him with their daughter... and their son.  I don't think Ash was planning on a babysitting gig, but he warms up to the idea pretty quickly.  Tune in to hear how that ended up happening!

Pokepress is uploading all sorts of fun interviews from Anime Milwaukee!  Like this one with Vic Mignogna!  I'm sure I don't have to explain who he is, right? ;)

You should also head over to their blog for the Pokepress Digest Podcast and so much more!


  1. That thing about Max doing fanfics and fanvids just gave me a great idea...! :) Anyways, love the podcast. Excited about Max joining the group (AG was one of my favorite series, and the first one I ever saw). Can't wait until BW, also! (My most favorite, #BestWishes #NegaishippingForever #NegaIsTheOTP)

    1. Best Wishes is gonna be such joy! :) The world definitely needs more fanvids, right?