Saturday, March 4, 2017

Episode 276: Road to Ruins!

We're back covering Ash and May, and the hijinks they get up to on the road.  Or I guess the hijinks find them.  Not their fault they stumbled into both a Team Rocket and a Team Magma plot... but at least a professor got a new discovery out of it!  Click here to download or listen!

You should also head over to Pokepress and see their blog or YouTube channel for an interview with Lucien Dodge (Voice actor of "Blue", "Silver", etc) and so much more!


  1. Anne, do you still need me to keep the old Pikapi podcast files or were you able to download all of them from the link that I sent you in the past?

    1. I have them all on a harddrive now, so you can feel free to take them down :) Thank you again!