Sunday, August 23, 2015

Episode 212: You Light Up My Life!

Hey, double feature weekend!  Ash and his team got derailed again, and Misty fails to catch any corsola, but she does see another water pokemon that could be useful to her team.  Tune in to meet Chinchou!  There's also a lot of tangents about Ash's age, whether or not pokemon water attacks are drinkable, and so much more!

And a demo of Pokken Tournament, via Pokepress!  This game looks so fun!  Visit them on Youtube for this and many other demos/exclusives/Let'sPlays, etc!


  1. Like many people, I'd love to see Ash aging. However, differently from many people, the fact that this didn't happen yet doesn't bother me. If you take "The Simpsons" - a show that has been around for a longer period than Pokémon - for example, Bart and Lisa also don't seem to have aged, since the show began.

    1. That's true! And I've recently been thinking that a lot of my comic book characters haven't really aged in the past 80-ish years. (Just Dick Grayson, cause he's special ;)