Saturday, August 15, 2015

Episode 210: Whirl Me Around!

It's the start of a new story arc, a tournament!  No, not the Silver Conference, not yet, but we are in Master Quest, and the Whirl Cup is kicking off!  Not only will Ash compete, but also Misty!  In the meantime, we catch up with Professor Elm, and is that the magical whale song I hear?  Tune in to fine out!

Also, check out PIRN and Pokepress for all your Pokemon fandom needs, music and interviews, actors, directors, gamers, cosplay... endless discoveries to be made! 


  1. If I recall correctly, the Princess Festival was a tournament as well.

    1. Yeah, but I would hardly call that professional ;) It was a casual, local thing, and she used Ash's team for half of it!